Blogging in an Age of Microblogging - feedback

Feedback from presentation to Edelman 2009 Leadership Academy

  • "You were responsible for giving us one of the best days this whole trip." @GraceMIA
  • "Thank YOU! Lots of talk about your content today. Definitely lived up to the hype." @LarisaPillman
  • "@rklau from Google's Blogger presented some cool insights. Extremely interesting." @donnchadholeary
  • "Just emerged from great presentation by Google's @rklau" @tomjennings

Feedback from Society for Marketing Professional Services - SF Event

  • "Rick Klau, the head of product development for, gave a compelling show and tell on the ways social media is being used in business. It got our attention." GNU Group
  • I could listen to Rick all day.
  • Bring back Rick.
  • I drove from Sacramento to attend today's program and am glad I did. Rick & Maura provided excellent information & resources. Great ideas for selling to firm & doing on own
  • Rick - Very informative, excellent
  • Best program I have attended in a very long time!
  • Rick - awesome, very informative & funny
  • Best speaker I could imagine for theis topic - Rick Klau!
  • This was just excellent, offers scores of applications for enhancing my firm's marketing effort
  • Best program of the year-so many tips/tools for marketers with limited budgets wanting maximum reach. This could have been expanded on in separate sessions; would like to learn more on analytic and stats, case studies, etc. b/c principals respond well to that; Rick was very knowledgable and entertaining

(Collected by event organizers in post-event questionnaire.)

The following feedback is from my 2008 Keynote presentation to the New England Mail Order Association Fall Conference. This was collected through their conference survey:

  • Excellent presentation. Very new info for me.
  • Fun, smart and speaking from experience
  • Very useful, actionable, informative, and entertaining
  • Fun, engaging speaker
  • Excellent
  • I was expecting this to be interesting but not relevant to our company and was pleasantly surprised by the practical take-aways. And Rick was an exceptional presenter.
  • Great speaker. Knows his stuff
  • Wonderful. Used humor and experience to instill his advice. Excellent tips.
  • Great presentation. Many pieces of information we can bring back.
  • GREAT session! An anchor for Friday. Excellent speaker style and content.
  • So impactful. Heard that I’m doing the right stuff - and what more we can do. Great speaker
  • Rick was an amazing presenter and provided many helpful, easy recommendations that can be implemented now. (cataloger 5x+)
  • Please bring him back for an even longer session!
  • Great speaker – good concept
  • Fabulous – best of show
  • Awesome, great info and nice presentation
  • Home run – do it again
  • Rick was great!
  • Loved this session – Thanks!
  • Great forward thinking session
  • Loved it! Great speaker, relevant content
  • FABULOUS!! Content incredible and actionable. Delivery style – excellent and allowed his personality to come through! This is a guy who understands “made to stick” and understands Richard Kevolin’s powerstory telling.
  • Very engaging and knowledgeable speaker. I’m new to the subject and absorbed some knowledge anyway! Thanks for allowing me to “get my feet wet.”
  • Really liked his presentation, plus info on how to take advantage
  • Fabulous! Great content, useful for business. More of this please!
  • Very good speaker
  • Very engaging speaker – brought lots of new information. Some good discussion, good to see what is going on.

Feedback from 2007 PubCon Presentation

SES New York 2007 Feedback

  • DMNews
  • Ramblings about SEO "[Rick] provided [a] very engaging presentation. It was a great and informative seession."
  • 4 star review. "I was guessing that this session would be really good, and it was. ...Rick Klau shared some great statistics that Feedburner has collected from over 100,000 podcast feeds that they publish for users. ...Rick also gave a great tip that I will surely use, and that was to optimize your rss page for users."

SES NY 2007: SEO through blogs and feeds | Feedback

Integrated Media Association, Public Media 2007 Implementing RSS

  • Open Parenthesis: "There was a great session on Wednesday at the IMA Public Media 2007 conference on RSS, which included Rick Klau from FeedBurner."
  • PTPA Live

SES Chicago, 2006 Podcast & Audio Search Optimization

  • Search Engine Roundtable: "This is the first session I've ever been to where the audience applauded every speaker. Every speaker was exceptional in their knowledge and passion for their topic."
  • Online Marketing Blog: "They all made excellent points on podcasting."

Feedback from August, 2006 SES San Jose presentation:

Feedback from presentation to ELCA Communicators' Conference (August, 2006) Chicago, IL:

  • Youth Ministry TV
  • BeneDiction: "He has obviously inspired a lot of people."
  • Church Marketing Sucks
  • Tall Skinny Kiwi
  • Oregon Synod
  • ELCA Lutherans in the News: "Great speakers -- especially Rick Klau of Feedburner -- made us think about new ways of doing our work."
  • LWF Young Communicators
  • LWF Young Communicators
  • MicroExplosion: "Probably the best explained overview of web 2.0 I've heard to date."
  • BlogMinistry
  • Random Thoughts: "It is well worth it. I’ve listened to it completely once, listened to parts of it several times, and I’ll probably listen to it several more times to make sure I absorb all he has to say."
  • Purple Pastor: "It’s the best talk I’ve heard this year — absolutely brilliant. And I’ve listend to hundreds of lectures, sermons, and presentations from some of the most gifted communicators in the world."
  • Front Row Lutheran: "If you have over an hour of free time... and would like to listen to what Rick said to the conference of communicators, why don't you click on over to this link and have a listen to the important insights that Rick shares." (In a comment on my blog: "Rick’s plenary presentation (and two workshop sessions) at the 2006 ELCA Communicators’ Conference was one of the best (if not the best) presentation(s) of which I have ever been a part. If it wasn’t for what Rick said, I highly doubt that I would have my own personal blog and domain today. I am quite grateful for Rick’s message (and challenge) to the communicators of the ELCA. It definitely caused us to think, learn, and respond. Thanks, Rick!")